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Making Gender Budgeting Work


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Fiscal Policy for Sustainable Development in Asia Pacific: Gender Budgeting In India
Author: Lekha S Chakraborty
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Price: Rs 13,300
At the outset Lekha S Chakraborty makes a significant observation about the role of fiscal transfers to generate a better gender outcome. “While social mores cannot ...

Why we need to debate the Old Pension Scheme


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(Co-authored with Balamuraly B and Lekha Chakraborty)
OPS  raises concerns about fiscal sustainability and intergenerational inequities.
In the post-pandemic fiscal strategy of State finances, the fiscal risks emanating from revenue uncertainties, high percentage of committed spending and increasing subsidy burden have a crucial significance for long-term fiscal sustainability. The ...

Understanding goods and services inflation in India


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(Co-authored with Pramod Sinha and Rachna Sharma)
In recent months, there has been a growing concern around elevated services inflation. In the US, while the falling goods inflation has helped pull down the overall inflation, the pace of price increases among services has remained high. These patterns ...

Is the government on track on fiscal deficit targets?


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Where does the Budget stand? Will paring food, fertilizer and petroleum subsidies help? Why are fiscal policy measures crucial to tackle inflation?


The story so far: In the Union Budget for 2023-24, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman chose the path of relative fiscal prudence and projected a decline in ...

Budget 2023 has stayed on the fiscal consolidation path


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(Co-authored with Divy Rangan and Balamuraly B.)
Despite the global economic headwinds and geopolitical uncertainties, the fiscal arithmetic looks conservative.
The predominant focus of the Union Budget 2023 was to adhere to the path of fiscal consolidation. Despite the global economic headwinds and geopolitical uncertainties, the fiscal arithmetic ...