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Financial Protection through the National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS): How Much Can it Cover?


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[Co-authored with Arpita Chakraborty and Jay Dev Dubey]

Following the Union Budget 2018, the NITI Aayog announced that the fiscal burden on the Government for the National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) is likely to be around 10-12 thousand crores. This is based on the premise that the annual insurance ...

Analysing the National Medical Commission Bill, 2017


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[Co-authored with Shefali Malhotra]


The Parliament referred the National Medical Commission Bill, 2017 (NMC Bill) to the Standing Committee on 2 January, 2018. This is the thirteenth legislative attempt (bills and amendments) to reform the Medical Council of India (MCI). Due to concerns about its functioning, the MCI ...

The National Health Protection Scheme in the Union Budget 2018: Is it in the Right Direction?


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The National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS), described by the Finance Minister (FM) as ‘the largest Government funded health care programme in the world’, was a centre piece of the 2018-19 Union Budget. This is, however, not a new announcement. The NHPS was announced by the FM in his budget speech ...

Cost of compliance for clinical establishments


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[Co-authored with Manya Nayar]


The Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010 (Clinical Establishments Act) is facing resistance from the medical fraternity. The Indian Medical Association claims that the law will cause an increase in the cost of treatment and adversely affect small and medium size clinical establishments such ...

Concerns about how the Medical Council of India thinks about medical malpractice


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[Co-authored with Shubho Roy] 

India has approximately 5.2 million medical negligence cases annually. A study for Mumbai showed that medico-legal cases, in courts, against doctors rose from 910 in the period from 1998 and 2006, to 150-200 cases every year. The responsibility to regulate the medical profession ...