An autonomous research institute under the Ministry of Finance


Ongoing projects

Organisation Design and Internal Processes for Establishing an Effective National Council for Vocational Education and Training” (“NCVET”)

  • Sponsor Omidyar Network Services
  • Project leader Ila Patnaik
  • Consultants/Other authors Pratik Datta, Sarang Moharir
  • Focus
    The study to improve the quality of skills development programs throughout India by providing assistance to NCVET (established by merging two regulatory bodies, NCVT and NSDA. The study will produce a design for NCVET; identify the priority areas, list the important functions and processes required to be performed by the NCVET. The study will also identify the important regulatory instruments, contracts and guidelines that the NCVET will be required to issue and enforce soon after its establishment. NIPFP will engage with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (“MSDE”) and other stakeholders to assist in the development of an implementation plan for the establishment of the NCVET, and shall organize consultations and meetings in this regard (Feb 2019-Aug 2019).

Implementation of TRAI-NIPFP Research Programme (June 2016 – May 2019)

  • Start date June, 2016
  • Completion date May, 2019
  • Sponsor Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
  • Project leader Ajay Shah and Ila Patnaik
  • Consultants/Other authors Smriti Parsheera, Mayank Mishra, Faiza Rahman, Sudipto Banerjee, Devendra Damle, Rishab Bailey, Sarang Moharir, Ashim Kapoor, Rachna Sharma, Sudipto Banerjee, Vishan Trehan, Srishti Sharma
  • Focus
    NIPFP has entered into a three-year MoU with TRAI to provide analytical and policy research in the areas of regulatory governance and economic analysis of the telecommunications broadcasting sectors.

Overview of State Finance Commission Reports (for the Fifteenth Finance Commission under the BMGF Project - Innovations in Public finance

  • Sponsor BMGF
  • Project leader Pinaki Chakraborty, Manish Gupta
  • Focus
    The study examined the approaches adopted by different State Finance Commissions in devolution of resources from the States to the Local governments in different States. This report at the request of the 15th Finance Commission examined 25 State Finance Commission reports. The study analysed the gaps and challenges in the operation of State Finance Commissions and the effectiveness of the SFCs recommendations at the State

Study on "Assessment of credit stress in the Indian Corporate Sector"

  • Start date July, 2017
  • Completion date June, 2017
  • Sponsor Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)
  • Project leader Ajay Shah, Radhika Pandey, Pramod Sinha, Amey Sapre
  • Focus
    To fill the prevalent corporate stress gap through (i) Assessing the vulnerability of the Indian corporate sector using firm level dataset (ii) Analysing corporate stress across different sectors and sub-sectors using a number of indicators, and constructing a sector-wise vulnerability index (iii) Quantifying credit stress using the Distance-to-Default methodology. 

Study on Gender Sensitive Budgeting on School Education

  • Start date Jan., 2019
  • Sponsor National Coalition for Education
  • Project leader Sukanya Bose and Anuradha De, Collaborative Research and Dissemination (CORD)
  • Focus

    Gender budget is an analytical tool which scrutinizes the government budget to reveal its gender-differentiated impact and advocate for greater priorities for programmes and schemes to address the gender-based disadvantages that women face. The objective is to understand the policies and practices on gender budgeting in their application to the school education sector.  Do gender budgets exist? If yes, how meaningful are these as a tool for planning and prioritisation for education of girls? What is the pattern of education spending on girls as reflected in the budgets? What kind of improvements in data are required for a more meaningful gender budgeting exercise?