An autonomous research institute under the Ministry of Finance


Ongoing projects

Automatic Leading Indicator Approach to Forecasting GDP and Inflation

  • Start date May, 2017
  • Completion date May, 2018
  • Sponsor MoF
  • Project leader Sudipto Mundle
  • Other faculty N.R. Bhanumurthy
  • Consultants/Other authors Rudrani Bhattacharya and Parma Devi Adhikari
  • Focus

    Objective is to forecast GDP and inflation

India-LINK Model

  • Sponsor Multiple Agencies
  • Project leader N.R. Bhanumurthy
  • Focus

    This is an on-going collaboration with Delhi School of Economics, under which annual macroeconomic forecasts are provided to the UN-DESA, New York.

Policy research on strategic disinvestment of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) and policy analysis on loss making CPSEs

  • Start date March, 2016
  • Completion date June, 2016
  • Sponsor National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog
  • Project leader Ajay Shah
  • Other faculty Suyash Rai
  • Focus

    The aim of this project is to advise on Strategic Disinvestment from Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) and provide policy analysis on loss making CPSEs.

Fiscal Policy, Intergovernmental transfers and Gender Equity : A study of Indian States

  • Start date Dec., 2017
  • Completion date Dec., 2019
  • Sponsor Janet Stotsky, IMF, Washington DC
  • Project leader Lekha Chakraborty
  • Focus

    To empirically analyse the subnational political economy processes and linkages of fiscal transfers and gender equity in India, across all States.

Study on Bihar State finances

  • Start date May, 2014
  • Sponsor 5th State Finance Commission, Government of Bihar
  • Project leader Tapas K. Sen
  • Other faculty R. Kavita Rao, Sacchidananda Mukherjee
  • Focus

    The Study will include a detailed analysis of (a) the State's taxable capacity and effort (b) public expenditure issues including efficiency, prioritization and sectoral allocation (c) Centre-State issues (d) fiscal imbalances and adjustment (e) fiscal liabilities and sustainability


    Study on Bihar State Finance - Policy Options for Tax Rationalization and Mobilization of Revenue

    The study has two components: (a) tax (item-wise) analysis and suggestions for rationalization of the tax base and rates, and specific action for additional resource mobilization and (b) impact of proposed GST on state finances.