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Ongoing projects

Impact of frequent elections on implementation of schemes and projects

  • Sponsor DOE, Ministry of Finance
  • Project leader R Kavita Rao
  • Other faculty A N Jha, Malvika Mahesh, Rolly Kukreja
  • Focus

    To what extent do frequent elections impact the implementation of projects and schemes? Can these be quantified to ascertain the likely “loss” for the country? The study aims to assess the impact of frequent elections on the implementation of ongoing schemes. The implementation of the MCC and its undeniable impact on policy actions and freeze on any type of new or fresh expenditures. Simultaneously, the induction of a very large number of government staff for election duty impact both normal revenue collections and implementation of on-going programmes and schemes. Impending electoral calendar may also tempt ruling dispensation to announce programmes, schemes and subsidies and or tax waivers or concessions designed to influence voters. These programmes could be part of the budgetary announcements or post budget announcements in an election year. Resources for these could be found by implicit reduction in some other expenditure allocations. Impending electoral calendar may lead to an expenditure spree not matched by related outputs or outcomes to favour chosen areas and agents

Overview of State Finance Commission Reports (for the Fifteenth Finance Commission under the BMGF Project - Innovations in Public finance

  • Sponsor BMGF
  • Project leader Pinaki Chakraborty, Manish Gupta
  • Focus
    The study examined the approaches adopted by different State Finance Commissions in devolution of resources from the States to the Local governments in different States. This report at the request of the 15th Finance Commission examined 25 State Finance Commission reports. The study analysed the gaps and challenges in the operation of State Finance Commissions and the effectiveness of the SFCs recommendations at the State

Project proposal titled “Preparation of National Strategy for implementation of Phase Down of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)”under the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol

  • Start date Sept., 2022
  • Completion date July, 2023
  • Sponsor Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
  • Project leader Suranjali Tandon

NIPFP Study on Revenue Mobilisation of Madhya Pradesh

  • Start date March, 2023
  • Sponsor Department of Commercial Taxes, Government of Madhya Pradesh
  • Project leader Sacchidananda Mukherjee
  • Consultants/Other authors Shivani Badola, Vishnu E.K.

Organisation Design and Internal Processes for Establishing an Effective National Council for Vocational Education and Training” (“NCVET”)

  • Sponsor Omidyar Network Services
  • Project leader Ila Patnaik
  • Consultants/Other authors Pratik Datta, Sarang Moharir
  • Focus
    The study to improve the quality of skills development programs throughout India by providing assistance to NCVET (established by merging two regulatory bodies, NCVT and NSDA. The study will produce a design for NCVET; identify the priority areas, list the important functions and processes required to be performed by the NCVET. The study will also identify the important regulatory instruments, contracts and guidelines that the NCVET will be required to issue and enforce soon after its establishment. NIPFP will engage with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (“MSDE”) and other stakeholders to assist in the development of an implementation plan for the establishment of the NCVET, and shall organize consultations and meetings in this regard (Feb 2019-Aug 2019).