An autonomous research institute under the Ministry of Finance


Ongoing projects

Research and advisory services for Restructuring and Strengthening of National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT)

  • Start date June, 2017
  • Completion date Oct., 2017
  • Sponsor Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE)
  • Project leader Ajay Shah
  • Consultants/Other authors Anirudh Burman, Suyash Rai and Aditya Singh Rajput
  • Focus
    To help the ministry make decisions about restructuring NCVT as a regulator. This includes decisions and functions of NCVT as well as the governance and processes at NCVT.

Public Expenditure Management in Assam

  • Sponsor Government of Assam
  • Project leader Pratap Ranjan Jena
  • Focus

    The report was part of an overarching study on Assam State Finances. The report analysed Public expenditure management system of Assam including budget management processes and systems, compliance of the Government to various objectives of the fiscal rules, resource management, internal audit and control mechanism, accounting and reporting, and procurement systems. The report suggested reform measures to bring in performance orientation to the budgeting environment, multi-year spending perspective, strengthening fiscal rules, inculcating transparency and hard budget constraint, improving prioritization in spending pattern and improving technical efficiency. 

Medium-Term Fiscal Plan for Sikkim: 2017-18 to 2019-20

  • Sponsor Government of Sikkim
  • Project leader Pratap Ranjan Jena
  • Focus

    The report presents the Medium-Term Fiscal Plan (MTFP) for the Government of Sikkim for the year 2017-18 to 2019-20. The MTFP 2017-18 contains the presentation of fiscal policy objectives and projected fiscal targets in the ensuing budget year and two outward years. The report was prepared based on existing macro-fiscal environment and taking into consideration the requirements of the newly enacted FRBM Act in Sikkim. The report projects the fiscal variables for three years including the budget year aligning with the stipulation of the FRBM Act.

Institutional Assessment and Gap Analysis of Tribal Research and Development Institute (TRDI), Bhopal

  • Start date Sept., 2017
  • Completion date Dec., 2017
  • Sponsor Tribal Research and Development Institute (TRDI), Bhopal, Government of Madhya Pradesh
  • Project leader Pinaki Chakraborty
  • Other faculty Rudrani Bhattacharya, Shruti Tripathi
  • Focus
    Tribal Research and Development Institute, Madhya Pradesh in partnership with UNICEF, Bhopal conducted this study to enhance the capacity of the tribal research institute  conduct research and evaluation, and generate evidences for policy recommendations, especially for the tribal.

Impact evaluation study of the Digital-India Land Records Modernisation Programme

  • Start date Dec., 2016
  • Completion date July, 2017
  • Sponsor National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER)
  • Project leader Ajay Shah
  • Consultants/Other authors Anirudh Burman, Suyash Rai, Devendra Damle, Itishree Rana
  • Focus

    To evaluate the performance of various activities taken up under the erstwhile NLRMP and present DILRMP, identify constraints in the implementation of these programmes, identify good practices and the gaps in achievement of NLRMP objectives and suggest appropriate changes to improve the effectiveness of DILRMP.