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The Digital Tax Challenge


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Over the past four years 137 countries have engaged intensively with the OECD to find a solution to the tax challenges arising from digitalisation.  Like any international agreement, finding  a middle ground has been difficult and  series of compromises were made.  It was agreed intially the unique features ...

RBI is right to prioritise inflation management. But it won’t be easy


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The first bi-monthly meeting of the RBI's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) for the current financial year reaffirmed its focus on inflation management. While the MPC voted to keep the policy rate unchanged at 4 percent and retained its accommodative stance, the wording was changed to ...."remain accommodative while focusing on ...

RBI’s hawkish stance on liquidity


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With inflation rising, a slower monetary policy tightening by RBI could accelerate de-anchoring of inflation expectations. RBI might “bite the bullet” by hiking policy rates in upcoming MPC meetings.
Against the backdrop of mounting global uncertainties emanating from the Ukraine war and the energy price volatility, RBI has taken ...