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Public Financial Management and Budgeting for Children: Evidence from Telangana, India

Publication date

Mar, 2022


NIPFP Working Paper No. 379


Anindita Ghosh Divy Rangan and Lekha Chakraborty


Telangana is the newest State in India, formed in June 2014. We focussed on an ex-post analysis on State’s public financial management for children (C-PFM), incorporating the fiscal marksmanship of such spending. We observed that there are 58 child-specific schemes and programs across seven departments in Telangana, in which, the education sector has 79.48 percent of total child budgeting, constituting 8.45 percent of the total expenditure of the State. However, the outcome indicators showed that there are wide intra-State differentials related to selected indicators. The anthropometric indicators also reveal that malnutrition is a major challenge in the State. The Covid 19 pandemic has widened the digital divide in the education sector. The inferences from the public finance analysis for children (PF4C) undertaken in our paper provides thebaseline analysisfor the post-covid fiscal strategy for PF4C in Telangana. 
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