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Child Development Index in India: Performance at District Level

Publication date

Feb, 2022


NIPFP Working Paper No. 371


Ritu Mathur, Namrata Jaitli and Amarnath H.K.


This paper estimates the child development Index at state level for all the states using methodology given in NIPFP working paper 370 - “Estimating Child Development Index at District Level – A Methodology”. This paper presents the results for the year 2015, comparing 640 districts on India Child Development Index. This could be used as a baseline for Sustainable Development Goals and for subsequent monitoring of progress of children quinquennially through 2030. The paper also comments on the expenditure on children at the State level in light of the performance of districts on ICDI.
Key Words – India Child Development Index, Children, Child Development Index, district level estimation, district level data, SDG, Save the Children
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