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Regulation and Informal Market for Schools in Delhi

Publication date

Aug, 2021


NIPFP Working Paper No. 340


Sukanya Bose, Priyanta Ghosh, Arvind Sardana and Manohar Boda


The unrecognised school sector in Delhi has grown significantly over the years, and since long ceased to be marginal. The aim of the study is to understand the regulatory practice on the ground in this sector. According to the law, private schools must seek recognition from the appropriate authorities such that their functioning is aligned to public interest. Reading of the laws and an important Court case provides the background to the primary fieldwork on which the analysis is based. The results of the field survey indicate that unrecognised schools are growing unfettered. There is incentive for informality, regulation is totally absent and vested interests attempt to perpetuate the practice. The continuation of hands-off policy of the government vis-à-vis the sector despite the clear pronouncements in the Right to Education Act is explored from a variety of perspectives. Some suggestions towards formalisation are presented.
Keywords: Low fee private schools, unrecognised schools, regulation, informality in schooling, educational policy, educational law, RTE.
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