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Estimating Industrial Pollution in India: Implications for an Effluent Charge

Publication date

Jan, 2000


Report submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India.


Rita Pandey and Som Sankar Ghosh


Pollution from industries constitutes a considerable part of the total pollution in India. But reliable information on the nature and level of emissions by plants/factories is not available. This makes it difficult for regulators to come up with cost effective strategies - in terms of design of environmental regulations as well as their enforcement - for industrial pollution control. Therefore, the need is to adopt alternative ways for estimation of environmental parameters as complements to direct measures of such parameters at the firm level. This report uses one such alternative of estimating these parameters from information on pollution intensities and abatement costs from secondary sources. The study suggests introduction of a water pollution charge, and recommends that the regulator should prioritise monitoring effort and allocate monitoring resources more efficiently by targeting industries characterised by relatively high effluent discharges and low costs of pollution abatement.

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