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Sikkim: The People’s Vision

Publication date

Jan, 2000


Report submitted to the Government of Sikkim.


Ashok K. Lahiri, Saumen Chattopadhyay, Anuradha Bhasin, A. Premchand and Subir Roy


This report outlines a strategy that will set the state on a path of eco-friendly, sustainable development, aimed at expanding income and employ­ment opportunities. It analyses the reasons for the slow pace of development in the past, despite substantial financial support from the central government and a low population den­sity. After spelling out goals for the economy, it elaborates the underlying fiscal policy frame­work and sectoral strategy necessary for realizing these goals. A vastly expanded role for the private sector and community is envisaged, and the introduction of technology and modern scientific methods to help the state overcome its natural handicaps of inaccessibility is emphasized.

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