An autonomous research institute under the Ministry of Finance


Fiscal Performance of States in the Context of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan

Publication date

Jan, 2009


Report submitted to the Planning Commission


Tapas Kumar Sen, P. R. Jena, Diwan Chand


Sponsored by the Planning Commission, this research work is essentially a status report on the finances of states collectively and individually, with special reference to actual and targeted plan outlays as well as actual vis-à-vis planned resources to finance these outlays. It covers the current decade until the fiscal year 2008-09, and also examines the issues in a disaggregated manner, both by states and by sectors. On the basis of full coverage for Tenth Plan and partial coverage for the Eleventh, it identifies sectors and states with large shortfalls and highlights that at least for the general (non-special) category states, own source resources are the main determinant of plan performance.

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