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North Eastern Region Vision 2020

Publication date

Jan, 2008


Report submitted to the North Eastern Council, Shillong


M. Govinda Rao, Rita Pandey, Gautam Naresh, Anuradha Bhasin, Alokesh Barua, Manoj Pant


The Vision statement alludes that the region should usher in peace and prosperity for the region. By 2020, the region should have a per capita income which should at least be equal to the national average and poverty should be banished from the region. To achieve these goals, the document puts forth six interdependent components of the strategy namely: (empowerment of the people through participatory governance; (ii) focus on rural development through increase in agricultural productivity and creation of non-farm employment opportunities; (iii) development of sectors with comparative advantage; (iv) maximising self governance and participatory planning and diplomatic initiatives to foster trade with neighboring countries; (v) augmenting physical and social infrastructure in the region; and (vi) ensuring adequate flow of resources for infrastructure from the governments and fostering public private partnerships in infrastructure, wherever feasible.:

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