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Taxation of Petroleum Crude and Natural Gas in India

Publication date

Jan, 2006


Report submitted to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas


Tapas Kumar Sen, Surender Kumar, Gautam Naresh


Submitted to the Committee to Examine the Impact of Overall Imposts on Petroleum Crude and Natural Gas set up in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, this study takes a comprehensive look at the taxation of upstream petroleum sector as also natural gas starting with a review of the theoretical aspects and selected empirical research. It then focuses on the taxation element in the finances of two nationalised oil companies in the context of the Indian system of taxation of this sub-sector. For reference, it compiles some information on taxation of this sector in several oil-producing nations, and discusses related issues in fiscal federalism. Finally it makes suggestions in regard to possible reforms in the system of taxation of crude petroleum and natural gas.

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