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Capacity Building for Fiscal Reforms in Sikkim

Publication date

Dec, 2005


Report submitted to the ADB


A. Premchand, M. Govinda Rao, Pratap Ranjan Jena, N. J. Kurien, Ram Prakash Katyal, Salil Kumar Sanyal, R. K. Mishra, B. R. Atre, Sukumar Mukhopadhyaya


NIPFP undertook this consultancy through the competitive bidding process from the Asian Development Bank. The study relates to building capacity in the state to undertake fiscal reforms. Various components of the project include enhancing the budgeting system, expenditure management and control, restructuring of the departments to enhance efficiency, reforms in the tax system, assistance to introduce value added tax (VAT), public enterprises restructuring programme and assistance in building the statistical system for measurement of state income and poverty.

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