An autonomous research institute under the Ministry of Finance


A Review of Options for Revenue Neutral Rates of VAT for Orissa and Advice on Design of VAT and Administration Procedures

Publication date

Jan, 2002


Report submitted to the DFID, India


Pawan K. Agarwal, Pratap R. Jena, Jeeta Mohanty


The study is planned to provide guidance on design of VAT for Orissa. Accordingly, it is focused on identifying features of the system of sales tax in Orissa impacting upon the value added tax (VAT) base, developing methodology for computing revenue neutral rates (PNRs) of VAT, and computation of PNRs of VAT with alternative feasible options of VAT design for Orissa, The alternative options are designed to explore the impact of removal of central sales tax (CST), zero rating of all inter-state transactions, and alternative VAT thresholds on the PNR of VAT.

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