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Analysis of State Budgets 2018-19: Key Issues and Challenges

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  • Publication date 2020
  • Published in Supported by a grant from the Gates Foundation.
  • Authors Lekha Chakraborty, Manish Gupta, and Amandeep Kaur
  • Abstract
    This study is an outcome of the research project, “Innovations in Public Finance", supported by a grant from the Gates Foundation.
    The central theme of this report is the “Budget Credibility and Fiscal Forecasting Errors of 28 States in India” led by Prof. Pinaki Chakraborty. The findings of this study was presented by Prof. Pinaki Chakraborty in the NIPFP Annual State Finances meetings in India International Centre, August 10th 2018. The other members of the team are Prof. Lekha Chakraborty, Dr. Manish Gupta and Ms Amandeep Kaur. The theme paper was presented in the 75th Meetings of International Institute of Public Finance in Glasgow, Scotland, August 21-23, 2019.


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