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Amey Sapre

Associate Professor

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Amey Sapre works as an Assistant Professor at NIPFP. Prior to joining NIPFP, he worked as a Consultant in the MacroFinance group at NIPFP, teaching assistant in Economics at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, IIM Indore and as a UGC-SAP Research Fellow for sponsored research programmes in areas of development and agriculture in Madhya Pradesh. He studied at the Symbiosis International University, Pune and has a Ph.D in Economics from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. His research interests include measurement issues in national accounts statistics, GDP computation, public finance, macroeconomics and agriculture.

Research areas

National Accounts Statistics, Public Finance, Shadow Economy, Macroeconomics and Agriculture.

Current research

- Seasonal adjustment of Index of Industrial Production (link)

- Estimation of value addition in the private corporate sector

Recent publications

Membership in committees and commissions

Working Group on Blue Economy, National Accounting Framework for Blue Economy and Ocean Governance, Economic Advisory Council (EAC-PM), Coordinated by the Ministry of Earth Sciences


Finances of Union Territories, NIPFP-MHA research project

Professional activities

Training Program in Public Finance for Probaitionary Offices of the Indian Audit & Accounts Services (IAAS) at NIPFP
12th Refresher Course in Public Economics for University Teachers and Researchers, NIPFP
Compilation of National Accounts, lecture at the National Statistical Systems Training Academy (NSSTA), 22nd June, 2018.
Issues in compiling GDP estimates, talk in 'Awareness workshop on official statistics', organized by National Statistical Systems Training Academy (NSSTA) and Central Statistics Office (CSO), Bangalore, 18-19th May, 2018.
Revisions in GDP, talk in ICAS Training program on Emerging issues in Public Finance and Policy, NIPFP, 18th April, 2018.
Introduction and issues in national accounts, lecture at the National Statistical Service Training Academy (NSSTA) Training program, 16th March, 2018.
GDP: Definitions revisions and issues, lecture in the Indian Audits and Accounts Services Training Program, Organized by NIPFP, 24th Jan, 2018.
Estimates of Private Final Consumption Expenditures in India, Dandekar Memorial Seminar and Conference on India’s GDP and implications for estimation of GSDP, Indian School of Political Economy, Pune, January, 2018.
Some unsettled questions about Indian manufacturing GDP estimation, Conference on Issues in India’s new GDP series, Indian School of Political Economy, Pune, January, 2017.
Estimation of value addition in the manufacturing sector: Problems and some solutions, Round Table Conference on issues in GDP, organized by Indira Gandhi Institute of Development & Research (IGIDR), August, 2016.

Other information

Recent papers:

Sapre, Amey & Radhika Pandey & Pramod Sinha (2020) What do we gain from seasonal adjustment of the Indian Index of Industrial Production? NIPFP Working Paper, 322, October, 2020
Sapre, Amey (2019) Tax evasion and unaccounted incomes: a theoretical approach, NIPFP Working Paper, 289, December, 2019
Sapre, Amey & Radhika Pandey & Pramod Sinha (2019) What do we know about changing economic activity of firms? NIPFP Working Paper, 249, January, 2019
Sapre, Amey & Radhika Pandey & Pramod Sinha (2018) What does the new 2011-12 IIP series tell about the Indian manufacturing sector? India Growth and Development Review, Vol. 11, No. 2
Sapre, Amey & Rajeswari Sengupta (2017) An analysis of revisions in Indian GDP data, World Economics Journal, Vol. 18, No.4, October-December, 2017
Sapre, Amey & Pramod Sinha (2017) Some unsettled questions about Indian Manufacturing GDP estimation, Journal of Indian School of Political Economy, Vol. XXIX, No. 1 & 2, January-June, 2017
Roy, Pinaki & Amey Sapre (2016) Does social embedding influence banking habits: A case of India, Journal of Emerging Market Finance, Vol. 15.2, August, SAGE Publications