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Studies of HUDCO and HUDCO's Borrowers

Publication date

Jan, 1995


Report submitted to the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.


Om Prakash Mathur, Rita Pandey, Padmesh Raghupathi, S. Gopalakrishnan


HUDCO and HUDCO’s Borrowers make extensive use of subsidies and have access to direct and other forms of low-cost credit to promote housing and several other activities for the economically weaker and low income groups of households. This study examines the implications of withdrawal or reduction in subsidies. Special circuits and directed credit and suggests options as to what might be done to equip HUDCO and HUDCO’s borrowers to deal with this challenge. The package of recommendations relates to resource mobilization strategy (e.g. making larger use of lines of credit mechanism, credit-related bonds. and securitization of mortgages), restructuring of the lending profile and commitment of the entire institutional framework to programmes for the poor rather than the commitment of only HUDCO, and deregulation of HUDCO.

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