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Health and Environment

Publication date

Jan, 1999


Report submitted to the Ford Foundation.


A. L. Nagar


The objective of this study is to analyze the effects of environment on the health of a community. It is postulated that the health status of a community is a `conceptual variable’ which cannot be measured directly but is indirectly determined by the civic and socio-economic environment of the people and the physico-natural environment of the region. Part A of this study is focused on the health situation in the Union Territory/National Capital Territory (UT/NCT) of Delhi. Chapter II discusses briefly the demographic features of Delhi and Chapter III the mortality data as obtained from the annual reports on registration of births and deaths (1984 to 1994) published by the Chief Registrar (births and deaths), Government of UT/NCT of Delhi; and morbidity and mortality data for the years 1993, 1994, and 1995 from the various hospitals in Delhi under the Director General of Health Services, Delhi. A sample survey of 291 households from slum clusters and non-slum areas of various localities in Delhi was undertaken. Chapter IV provides the socio-economic profile of the population of Delhi, sample design and the questionnaire, and Chapter V provides the socio¬economic profile of sample households. Finally, Chapter VI provides the cluster-wise and age-¬wise distribution of diseases in slum and non-slum areas of the NT/NCT of Delhi in accordance with the sample survey.

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