An autonomous research institute under the Ministry of Finance


Bid Evaluation for Empanelment of Transaction Advisors for PPP Projects

Publication date

Jan, 2010


Report submitted to the Ministry of Finance, Government of India


Mukesh Kumar Anand


A report was prepared by TERI (The Energy Research Institute) and NIPFP to assist the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) in the Ministry of Finance for empanelling transaction advisors for PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) projects. Based on the evaluation criteria stipulated by the MoF in its RfQ (Request for Qualification), both TERI and NIPFP independently devised objective and quantifiable variables to evaluate 30 consortiums of potential transaction advisors. The final panel would constitute those selected on the basis of their capability and experience in discharging a lead role in transactions and providing commercial, financial, and legal advice. The panel is intended to ensure streamlining, transparency, and accountability through clear definition of the processes of the agencies and private sector.

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