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Rural Decentralisation and Participatory Planning for Poverty Reduction: Chhattisgarh State Report

Publication date

Dec, 2007


Report submitted to the UNDP


Manish Gupta


Fourteen years after the mandating of a third tier of government at local level by a constitutional amendment in 1993, this study reports on how decentralised government is functioning in the rural areas of four states (pre-selected by the terms of the UNDP mandate): Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Rajasthan. The report quantifies the present state of functional devolution from figures of expenditure assignment using Budget Estimates of the four states for the fiscal year 2006-07; fund flows from the centre based on the central budget for fiscal year 2006-07; and the utilisation of these receipts by PRIs, along with own revenues collected and the state of fiscal monitoring, based on a field survey of 780 sample gram panchayats, 78 janpad panchayats, and 17 zilla panchayats. The seventeen districts covered comprise the initial set of nine backward districts pre-selected by UNDP and an additional eight districts with lower deprivation characteristics.:

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