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State Development Report of Mizoram

Publication date

Jan, 2012


Report submitted to the Planning Commission


R. Kavita Rao, Gautam Naresh, Indrani Roy Chowdhury


The report seeks to assess the problems and identify potential directions for development of the state. It identifies jhum based cultivation as one of the important economic and cultural parameters of the state, and seeks to incorporate implications of the same for developing a strategy. The proposed strategy involves two-pronged approach  i.e. through primary and tertiary sectors. For the primary sector, the suggested approach deals both with organisational issues and consolidation of a diverse portfolio of activities. In the tertiary sector, the strength of the state is located in the relatively higher levels of education in the state. The strategy therefore is to encourage development of a health hub in the state, with a vision to cater to the needs of all states in the north east, since these services are rather limited to this region, and Mizoram has the requisite climate and the political atmosphere for such an activity. This would require not just investment in physical infrastructure, but also gradual evolution in markets, especially labour market, for the transition to become effective.

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